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Pipe Vibration has numerous applications in stuck pipe recovery; from freeing stuck coil tubing without cutting or damaging the coil to recovering screens, screen packers, and liners.  Sanded or mud-stuck tubing, including tubing seal assemblies can be recovered without the need for washover or jarring.  We also recover stuck rod strings and pumps, eliminating the need to pull tubing and strip the rods as well as stuck washover pipe and jars normally used in conventional fishing operations.  

Pipe Vibration Applications and Benefits
Any situation that responds to pipe reciprocation; tensile, compressive or percussive force; or friction reduction may benefit from the application of Pipe Vibration with these benefits:
§      Quickly and easily applied
§      No downhole intervention
§      Reduced risk
§      Simplified decision-making
§      Demonstrated results

We offer the potential to solve these problems from surface without downhole intervention in a minimum amount of time.  In numerous instances our equipment and methods, applied from surface, have succeeded when all else has failed.  

First Call Success Rate 2018-2024 YTD= 65%


Applications for VT Tools

Drilling Applications

-Differentially Stuck
-Sand or Mud Stuck
-Key Seated
-Packed Off
-Mechanical (Junk) Stuck
-Vertical and Horizontal Holes
-Drill Pipe and BHA, Casing and Liners
-Casing recovery for Abandonment, Sidetrack or Slot Recovery
-Cased or Open Hole
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Workover Applications

-Capillary Tubing/Velocity Strings
-Tubing Anchors
-Seal Assemblies
-Mud Stuck Tubulars
-Screens, Screen Packers and Slotted Liners
-Wash Pipe, Jar Assemblies, Milling Tools
-Vertical and Horizontal Holes
-Cased or Open Hole

Coil Tubing Applications

-Surface Solution Without Cutting Coil at Surface or Downhole
-Applicable in All Stuck Coil Scenarios
-Vertical or Horizontal Holes
-Cased or Open Hole
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Vibration Technology

Drilling 500k Ocscillator
Stuck pipe recovery drilling rig stuck BHA stuck drill pipe Differential stuck packed off horizontal stuck mud stuck
Vibration Technology was established as an oil field service in 1996 to provide resonant energy services primarily for stuck pipe applications. The company utilizes acoustic theory to transmit standing wave resonant energy over long intervals of pipe in oil and gas wells and has developed proprietary equipment and procedures that are highly effective in the recovery of stuck pipe from wells. The pipe vibration process has proven to be the most cost effective means of stuck pipe recovery currently available to the industry.

Current use of the technology has been focused in the field of stuck pipe recovery in drilling, completion and workover applications.

New applications are under development that will enhance primary cementing through improved hole cleaning as well as the maintenance of hydrostatic head during the curing phase.
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